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Shipping & Returns

We ship anywhere in the United States.  We offer a variety of rates at checkout.

Estimated delivery time on Economy orders is 5-8 business days from date of order, 3-5 days for Standard, and 1-3 days for Express.  We generally ship out Monday through Wednesday in the summer, and Monday through Thursday during the cooler months.

We include complimentary ice and insulation for packages traveling in warm weather. 

Please note that if the product is shipped in warm weather and you are not there to receive the package and it sits on your doorstep in the direct heat, then we are not responsible for replacing it.  Once we send you the tracking information, it is your responsibility to be sure someone is there to receive the package.

If your chocolate arrived damaged, please send us a photo of the chocolate requesting a refund or a replacement shipment. You can respond to your order confirmation email or through the community@joaihu.com.

If you have an issue with chocolate purchased from an independent retailer, please contact the retailer directly regarding their refund policy

Delivery time is not guaranteed, and we are not responsible for post office errors or delays.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about shipping or receiving our chocolate.