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Spirit of Wine : Saturday, June 15

Come join Sophia Charow in a guided evening of wine storytelling and shamanic activation. Every bottle of wine is a genie in a bottle, holding the mysteries of the earth, the air, the sun, the waters, the minerals, and the people that shaped them. What if we could awaken the elementals within the glass? What if we could return wine to the reverent practice it once was and create a bespoke medicine for each of us?

Combining the natural wine world and shamanic world, it will be an evening of learning and expansion, plus embracing the joy and release of inhibition that is also a key part of the medicine!

Tickets are limited so please grab yours to save your spot.

Wine provided, please feel free to bring a shamanic tool if desired (drum, rattle, feather).

Typically ships in 3-5 Business Days