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Fall Bundle

We're excited to offer a Fall Bundle for our Classic Collection.

Joaihú Chocolate serves as a reminder that no matter where we come from, we are all united by the joy of indulgence and the love for the sweet moments that make life truly worth celebrating.

Our chocolate takes you on a journey beyond borders, infusing exotic notes from tropical cacao plantations kissed by the Brazilian sun. We think of it as a walk through the rainforest.

Tasting Notes:

The 75% Bar

This zesty dark chocolate has notes of cherry and red fruit. As it melts in your mouth, deep woody tones prepare the palette for a fruity kick with a roasted finish. 

The 85% Bar

A stimulating and balanced chocolate with tropical fruit notes, hints of orange, great acidity and a long-lasting finish with coffee undertones.

The 100% Bar

Enjoy an awakening journey through blended notes of berry and wine with a smooth, woody, and earthy finish. Made exclusively with the best of our harvest, this bars 100% intensity brings out the flavors of pure cacao.


Embrace this limited-time offer and let our chocolates add a touch of magic to your summer celebrations. Order now and let the flavors dance upon your palate, leaving you with memories that will linger like a long summer sunset.

In the Summer Sale, you'll get 6 bars of organic dark chocolate (1 lb). Including 2 bars of each percentage

  • 75% x 2
  • 85% x 2
  • 100% x 2


Individual Bar Nt wt. 2.82 oz (80g) 

Case Nt wt. 1.06 lbs (6 bars)


75% : organic cacao, organic cacao butter, organic raw sugar

85% : organic cacao, organic cacao butter, organic raw sugar

100% : organic cacao

Tested for Heavy Metals

No Dairy

No Emulsifiers or Preservatives 

No Palm Oil

No Soy / Sunflower Lecithin

Typically ships in 3-5 Business Days

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